Maggie Kirst - Assistant Manager

Maggie Kirst is our practice's assistant manager, and she helps things run smoothly by answering client calls, assisting our clients, supporting the veterinarians in exams, and assisting with patient care. "I love interacting with our clients and knowing that I am helping them, whether it's simply scheduling an appointment or assisting in surgery."

Maggie started working with us in the summer of 2010.

"I love everything about my job. This is such an interesting field, and it offers so much to learn," Maggie said. "It is very rewarding to build a connection with our clients and their pets and being with them through memorable and difficult moments."

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Chandra Laine - Veterinary Technician

When asked what she likes most about her job as a veterinary technician, Chandra Laine said "I like it all." And she does it all: Chandra assists the doctors in patient care, helps restock inventory, and assists with taking x-rays, laboratory work, and surgery. She's always calm and patient, even when things get a little hectic. Chandra started with us in 2000 and has been working in an animal related field since 1989.

"I love Dr. Kremer and the great care she gives the animals and her clients. There is always something new to learn," Chandra said. "I like being here everyday."

Chandra shares her home with a dog named Snuggles, two cats (Spike and Tinkerbell), three fish (Jupiter, Venus and Pluto) and a turtle named Itsy. Chandra relaxes by reading, camping, going to baseball games with her sons and softball with her daughter.

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Scot Wegman - Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Scot Wegman performs a variety of tasks around the hospital, all of which he does exceptionally well, including drawing blood samples, placing IV's, performing laboratory work, assisting in surgery and with x-rays, admitting and releasing pets and helping to keep our hospital in top condition. Scot has had a positive attitude since the day he joined us in 2004.

"Dr. Kremer and the entire staff are great, we're like a family here," Scot said. "We're supportive of each other at work and do our very best for the clients and pets we see."

At home, Scot has three cats, Hunter, Sam and Nublets, and a dog named Butch. He also owns a mixed martial arts training facility called Drive MMA, and is the holder of several titles. He's a big fan of wakeboarding, off-roading and being with his friends, and is an avid beekeeper!

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Bob Niehaus - Veterinary Technician

Bob joined our team at Harrison Animal Hospital in 2017. He works full time as a Veterinary Technician, assisting our Doctors with various daily tasks. Bob enjoys interacting with clients and teaching them how to properly care for their pets, especially bird owners. He appreciates the busy office atmosphere and being able to learn and grow with the hospital himself.

Bob grew up in Deer Park, Ohio. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at the University of Cincinnati, and his Associate’s Degree of Applied Science Veterinary Technology from Brown Mackie College. Bob has years of experience in Husky rescue and bird rehabilitation. His passion for animals and organizational skills make him a great asset to our team.

In his free time, Bob enjoys canoeing, snowshoeing, fly fishing, and sled dog racing. He takes great interest in outdoor photography and is an avid bird watcher. When he is not caring for his Shetland sheepdog Daisy, or his Siberian husky Yukon, Bob also likes to spend time on the shores of Lake Superior.

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Becky Leonard - Receptionist/IT Assistant

Becky Leonard wears multiple hats with Harrison Animal Hospital and has worked here since November 2003. Her responsibilities include front desk duties as well as keeping computers updated and operational, keeping daily transactions balanced, and making bank deposits. She brings her organizational skills and patience to her multi-faceted role.

Of her position and the hospital, she exclaimed, "There is never a dull moment! And I believe there are no better doctors anywhere!"

When Becky is not at work, she manages an apartment building and spends her limited free time with her granddaughter. She has three rescue dogs: Gracie, Sylke, and Peanut.

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Meredith Hertsenberg - Receptionist

Meredith Hertsenberg joined Harrison Animal Hospital in February 2014. As our receptionist, her responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling appointments, checking patients in and out, maintaining product inventory and cleaning.

"I enjoy working in a friendly, fast-paced environment where animals and their families come first," she says.

Outside work, Meredith enjoys playing with her dogs (Abraham, Rozzy, Fiona, Abby, Aggie, and Scooby), cooking, biking and spending time with her husband Matthew. She also has a cat named Chloe and a hamster named Sebastian.

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Amber Vernon - Receptionist

Amber Vernon is a receptionist with our practice. Her responsibilities include scheduling appointments, readying exam rooms for patients and general customer service. Though she started in August of 2014, she’s already become known for bringing a smiling face and a sense of humor to the office each day.

"As a client, I’ve seen before how caring the doctors are about their patients and their owners,” she says. “It's nice to be a part of things from the giving side after receiving such great care for so long.”

Amber has three dogs; Brady and Franklin are dachshunds, and Buddy is a pitbull. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband Terry and daughter Breslyn, as well as motorcycle riding.

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Jenn Chrisman

As a receptionist at our practice, Jenn Chrisman is responsible for answering phones, schedule appointments, ensure every client and patient is greeted in a friendly manner and leaves happy with the service provided. Dedicated and personable, Jenn has been working at Harrison Animal Hospital since March 2019. “It’s like a family here. I’ve made some really close friends since I’ve started working here,” she says. “The doctors are amazing and super compassionate. It’s wonderful working with a group of people who are all passionate about the same thing.”

Jenn has a lot of pets at home. She has three dogs named Hells Bells, Natasha Louise, and Ave Rose. She also has three cats named Maura Lynn, Gus, and Freya Jane. She also likes tending to her fish tank. In her free time, Jenn enjoys kayaking, fishing, camping, and cooking. She also likes gardening and watching movies on the couch with her pets.

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Missy Voss

Missy Voss is a veterinary assistant at Harrison Animal Hospital, whose duties include assisting our doctors with patient care, x-rays, lab work, filling prescriptions, animal restraint, kennel care, and admitting and releasing patients. Missy loves to comfort the animals when they’re scared by displaying compassion, affection, and genuine respect at all times.

On working at the hospital, “I like this hospital because it’s always busy and I believe we truly care about our patients Dr. Kramer wants to see these animals do well and her work shows it.” When Missy isn’t taking care of our patients, she likes to spend her free time with her family. She also likes to hang out with her seven cats, dog, and bunny.

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Rebecca Ann Ritsch

Rebecca Ann Ritsch is a groomer that joined the Harrison team in June 2019. She has worked in the animal field for over seven years. Her job duties include bathing and clipping dogs and cats to breed-specific standard styles or to owner specification, detangling and removing matted hair, trimming nails, and examining animals for skin conditions or any other possible medical concerns. On the best thing about her job, “I love animals and taking care of them. Even if it’s a pamper spa day for them.”

She also enjoys working with our hardworking staff. “Everyday I learn something new. To see vets and techs who are truly passionate about what they do is very inspiring.” At home, Rebecca has a 5-year-old bloodhound named Copper and a 12-year-old domestic long hair named Zoey. When she’s not at work, she likes to spend quality time with her family, traveling, hiking, camping, reading, and going to amusement parks. "I try to remain busy by always creating or going on adventures."

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Tabitha Pendleton

Receptionist Tabitha Pendleton is a receptionist at our practice. Her duties include greeting clients, answering phone calls, processing invoices, and updating owners on their pet’s conditions. A part of our team since 2012, Tabitha’s favorite thing about her job is interacting with clients and patients, and watching patients grow. On working at Harrison Animal Hospital, “I like how it’s fast-paced. The doctors are so compassionate and the whole staff is so charismatic.”

At home, Tabitha has multiple pet fish, a cat named Tiger, and two dogs named Sarge and Diesel. When she’s not working, Tabitha enjoys watching her son play football, watching her daughter do gymnastics, and spending time with her husband and the whole family.

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Heather Heidi

Heather Heidi is veterinary assistant at Harrison Animal Hospital. She’s responsible for assisting doctors in rooms, filling prescriptions, running bloodwork, taking x-rays, cleaning, and answering phones as needed. She’s a certified veterinary assistant and is currently in school to become an RN and phlebotomist. Heather enjoys taking care of our patients and see them return home healthy. “I love seeing sick patients go home after them not feeling so hot. Seeing them at their worst then at their best is one of the best things ever.”

At home, Heather has a shepherd mix who is almost two years old. She adopted him from Louie’s Legacy at 12 weeks old.

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